Lessons from Mark Cuban

Because that’s the way we have always done it …

If you ever really want to get me mad, just bring up this phrase or something comparable in a business conversation. “That’s the way we have always done it.” Could there ever be a worse reason for doing something.

Do it because it’s the right thing. Do it because it’s the only thing. Do it because it’s all you know how to do or because it’s all you can afford. But please, don’t do it because its the way you have always done it.

I’m a Whiner

Im a whiner. I guess I finally have to admit it. I took a look back at the way I have lived my life, and I cant come to any other conclusion.

Im sure there have been many other things I have whined about in the past, and many more that I will whine about in the future. What I dont understand is why so many people think whining has a negative connotation. I dont.

Whining is the first step towards change. Its the moment when you realize something is very wrong and that you have to take the initiative todo something about it. Sure, criticism usually comes along with the territory. Who cares ?

People who dont whine are punching bags. They just go about their days, their jobs, their lives, knowing there is nothing they can do to change a darn thing, so why say a word ?They see no reason to whine because they know they are incapable of affecting change.

Call me a whiner any day.

Rules of Success. #1: Sweat Equity is the best equity!


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